New York City – DWU


First Domestic Clinic – New York

In August 2010, Changing Health, Inc. (CHi) opened its first New York clinic on Broadway and 29th Street, Manhattan. In collaboration with Domestic Workers United (DWU), a nonprofit that fights for power, respect, and fair labor standards for housekeepers and elderly caregivers in New York. CHi facilitated community wellness through acupuncture and holistic medicine for people of all classes and backgrounds. This clinic is currently closed.





Every Monday from 3 to 7 pm, volunteer acupuncturists, transformed a conference room donated by DWU into a  warm, professional holistic wellness center and provided acupuncture to people from all walks of life regardless of their ability to pay. During the clinics nine months, more than 175 treatments were administered to over 70 people allowing them to  experience the benefits of acupuncture, healing, health, and community-building.





Our doors were open to folks from every walk of life – mothers, nannies and housekeepers, office workers, students, teachers, veterans, police and firemen- providing care to all the people who make this city run!






Many thanks to the dedicated volunteers who helped get the clinic established and contributed to the skillful and compassionate care administered at the DWU clinic:  Sara Calabro, Lorna Castro-Morales, Emilie Connor, Ariel Deva De Leon, Dena Gold, Edward Gousse, Hyun Lee, Sabina Maez, Terry Rolfe, William Schmieding, Humberto Toledo, Sarah Fowler, Hiroe Yamani.